SERICHIM – founded in 2006 as a “spin off” of the Research & Process Development department of a major italian chemical company - is a Contract Research Organization ( CRO ) focused in developing chemical synthetic methods and processes for fine chemicals and APIs production.
Based in Friuli (Northern Italy), inside the Industrial Park of Torviscosa, SERICHIM employs 16 people, most of them having a PhD degree in Chemistry or Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technologies, with an average background more than 15 years experience in Contract Research and in small scale organic preparations.

SERICHIM experts master most of the production technologies such as Flow Chemistry, where a proprietary know-how has been patented, Gas phase reaction, Thin film distillation and Batch and continuous fractional distillation, Batch and continuous crystallization, Flash Chromatography (up to 150 g charged) and Preparative HPLC (up to 200 mg), Catalytic Hydrogenation (either at atmospheric pressure or high pressure), (Catalytic-) Transfer Hydrogenation, Reductions with sodium boron hydride, Oxidation with sodium hypochlorite, Amidations, Cyanation (with NaCN, KCN), Chlorination (with Cl2, SOCl2, SO2Cl2), Bromimation (SOBr2), Ketonization, Mannich Reaction, Hoffmann rearragement, and many others.

SERICHIM aims to be considered as the “partner of choice” in the fields of Contract Research, Custom Synthesis and Analytical Characterization to Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.
Our contracts are usually based on a Full Time Employee cost evaluation or a Fee For Service collaboration. Larger projects are milestone driven.

SERICHIM, as CRO, supports its customers since the conceptual development of the molecule up to the production of experimental chemicals from grams to hundred kilograms batches, under absolute confidentiality guarantees.

SERICHIM, exploiting its analytical and processes know-how, can provide highly competent support to evaluate and find the most efficient technology to solve environmental problems.

SERICHIM promotes open innovation by licensing its patents, by knowledge network implementation and by developing chemical know-how and technology according to a tailor made approach to meet customer’s needs. Some SERICHIM patents have been licensed to important pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies , while SERICHIM researchers are also co-authors of patents developed on behalf of Customers.

Why working with SERICHIM:

Project Tailored to Customer’s Needs
Confidentiality Guaranteed
Highly Skilled and Experienced Staff with an average seniority of more than 15 Years
Easy and Transparent Contracts
Open Communication with Customer

Main services / products offered are :
Contract research , patent analysis, feasibility studies, consultancy and technical assistance, analytical services and synthesis process for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetics, food, fine chemicals, specialties and additives for polymers
Research and environmental consultancy
Supply of pilot batches samples
Innovative Continuous Flow Reaction systems (CompactChem® modulus)
Production of high values / high technological chemicals
Development of pilot-scale and industrial processes, with a particular focus on “continuous flow production”, including environmental impact assessment
Consultancy provided also through partnership with Universities and other R&D laboratories